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The Nonwoven Advantage

Release time:2018/12/29Origin:Shenzhen Bafu Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

The Nonwoven Advantage

Nonwoven fabrics are among the most versatile materials on the market today.  Unlike other fabrics and substrates that are made by knitting, weaving or other processes, Nonwoven fabric are among the most adaptable materials available today. Unlike to different fabric and substrates that are made by sewing, weaving or different procedures. Shenzhen Bafu’s guarantees that our nonwoven items are designed to meet the strict quality requirement of our clients' assorted applications.


The specific arrangement of properties that a non-woven fabric may rely upon the numerous factors in its creation. The scope of qualities is wide.


  • They likewise might be translucent or see through.

  • The presence of non-woven fabric might be paper like, felt like, or like that of woven fabric.

  • They might be manufactured by sticking, warm holding, or sewing.

  • They may have a delicate, strong hand, or they might be hard, firm, or comprehensively with little flexibility.

  • They might be as thin as tissue paper or ordinarily thicker.

  • Their porosity may run from low tear and burst solidarity to high rigidity.

  • A few fabrics have phenomenal launderability; others have none. Some might be dry-cleaned.

  • The drapability of this kind of fabrics changes from great to none by any stretch of the imagination.


A dynamic, esteem included option

Nonwoven fabrics are a dynamic, esteem added option in contrast to progressively customary materials. With nonwoven innovation, fabrics can be intended to go up against a variety of attributes that different materials essentially can't coordinate, including:


  • Having higher strength basis weight than competing fabrics

  • Higher consistency or uniformity level

  • Form holding in the Z direction

  • High tear and tensile strength

  • Dimensional stability

  • Consistency in high temperature applications

  • Application-specific engineering

  • Ability to form composites for advanced performance

Solutions for any industry

The diverse nature of our products makes nonwoven fabrics viable for use in just about any industry.  In fact, you will be surprised to see just how prevalent they are.  A large number of our clients have changed to a nonwoven fabric from a contending innovation since they have discovered natural advantages, not exclusively to their items, yet in addition to their procedures. Shenzhen Bafu’s technical Nonwovens can boost your production procedure through:


High- and low-volume production runs

Fabric solutions that improve the efficiency of your process

Converting capabilities

Custom product development

Dinner Napkin
Hotel Towel
Disposable Bed Sheets
Wet Wipes
Disposable Non-Woven Bath Towel
Clean towel